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Use live chat to increase your Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is a management tool to measure customers’ loyalty. With the Knowler software you can add a post-chat survey to measure satisfaction scores of chats and chat operators or ask specific questions. Visitors can also be granted the possibility to leave additional comments.

Use customer feedback to improve your chat skills
Chat is a very user friendly way for customers to interact with companies and organizations. The approachability, real time and anonymous way of contacting leads more customers ask questions and leave remarks compared to other contact channels like telephone. These questions and remarks are a highly valuable and continuous form of consumer insights. The possibility to measure satisfaction and receive feedback gives more depth and understanding to these insights.

Save money by providing real time contact
Questions, remarks and feedback not only serve as insights to improve your business, they can also save you money. Broken product pages, payment method failures or incorrect product pricings are website failures that can cause you to miss out on revenue or even cost you money. The direct approach of chat reduces the time before these failures are detected.

Chat conversations
The chat conversations section in the software shows you all chats that have been executed per campaign. The section includes a filter for success codes (e.g. lead, support, complaint, etc.), agents (the chat operator that handled the chat), survey options (good, bad, might be better) and a calendar. This clear overview of your chat transcripts makes it possible to analyze chats and use customer feedback to improve your business.

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