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Chatting with potential customers creates a constant flow of valuable insights. These insights facilitate detecting new business opportunities, fixing bugs on the website, clarifying information on the website and improving the customer journey. Besides analyzing customers’ questions and remarks, we have developed innovations that allow your live chat to be an integrated part of your marketing activities.

Retargeting by textmining
Besides serving as a mirror, chat data can also be used to effectively advertise specific needs of
potential customers. Retargeting by textmining is an innovation that uses information from a chat conversation to retarget customers. Retargeting is a form of advertising that uses content website visitors have looked at, or searched before. Our innovation makes it possible to retarget based on the information they requested in a chat conversation. This way of retargeting is very
reliable because it is based on information people have first-hand asked for. People will most likely not ask for information they don’t want. It is also more precise than retargeting based on clicks, because people click on a large amount of links. Often without having a real interest in the product or service that is being clicked on.

A website visitor of a leasing company can ask for information in the chat about a Mercedes Vito with 40.000 km. Those chat keywords “Mercedes Vito 40.000km”. This label is linked to a specific advertisement, allowing consumers to see personalised advertisements with more relevance.

To extent the advantages of chat to a greater public, we offer the Chatbanners functionality. Chatbanners makes it possible to chat in your banner advertisement on the domain of the publisher (e.g. This innovation offers the chance to interact with people outside of your own website. Potential customers will convert better because they can contact companies earlier on in their customer journey.

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