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Attracting customers to your business means that you have to guide them through a funnel. First you define your target group and aim at them with specific marketing activities. By repeatedly triggering the interest of potential customers you hope to funnel them to the next step in the customer journey. An important step in this process is generating traffic to your website. Many companies invest deeply in generating traffic and optimizing their website, but they forget to do the most important thing: immediately answering questions when customers are on their website. This will increase your incoming lead flow enormously!

Shine at the right time and place
Helping potential customers on your website is the perfect example of using your momentum. People are showing interest in your products and services, so why not guide them through the process by helping them when they’re interested?

Funnel your potential customers
Answering questions, but also asking questions yourself helps you to funnel the interests of your potential customers.

Pull your customers in
Most companies push information by directing website visitors to landing pages or contact forms where they are magically supposed to convert. Providing customers the opportunity to chat and instantly helping them with answers will make them more willing to leave contact information. That’s how chat will lead to qualitative leads!

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