Hybrid chat

In order to enjoy the advantages of live chat as much as possible it’s important to offer website visitors the possibility to chat when they intent to buy. Since it’s become so easy for customers to compare competitors, it’s vital to reply quickly when questions are asked. So if your chat operators are having trouble answering questions directly because of peak moments or understaffing, hybrid chat is an excellent solution.

Two ways of Hybrid chat
There are two ways we can install the hybrid chat feature. The difference is whether your chat operators initially operate the chat, or the chat operators of LiveChat Service.

Option A
Your chat operators initially answer questions asked by website visitors. When they are not able to respond within 30 seconds, chats are forwarded to the external chat operators team. This option is desirable when your chat operators are understaffed, are dealing with differentiating peak moments and/or are not able to chat outside work hours. The chat operators of LiveChat Service are able to operate your chat from 07:00 – 23:00 during the week and from 09:00 – 23:00 during weekends. Our data shows that companies who chat outside work hours receive on average 36,5% of their chats outside work hours.

Option B
The chat operators of LiveChat Service initially operate the chat. When chats require knowledge in a particular field that only your employees have, or customers place very high orders in the chat, the chat conversation will be forwarded to one of your employees. This option gives you the freedom of not having to deal with managing a chat operators team, but it gives you control over valuable chat conversations.

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