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Optimize your business

Install livechat and generate 40%
more leads 😲

Potential customers visit your website for a reason. By providing instant support through live chat they become more willing to leave contact information.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Focus more on customer interaction

Every company tries to create as much traffic to their website as possible. But once potential customers enter the website they are supposed to magically convert. Approach your potential customers with live chat and convert them into returning customers.

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Always be in the right place and time

Provide help where your potential customers are

By helping potential customers on your website, you’re reducing dropouts and increasing conversion. Customers prefer to be helped right away causing them to be more satisfied when using chat over other contact channels.

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Always accessible through all channels

Integrate all digital contact channels (beta)

Knowler believes in the power of communicating with potential clients. That’s why you should be where they are. Knowler offers an integral messaging platform that makes it possible to communicate with potential customers through live chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and email.

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“Live chat made it easier for potential customers to contact us. This has given us more insight into customers’ questions, allowing us to guide them in a more consumer-friendly way.”

Project Manager – 24uurs zorgloket

Bram Verhoeven

Become a multi-tasking god

Hybrid chat: always ready to help your potential client

Some companies have too few chat operators to reply within 30 seconds or are not able to offer live chat outside work hours. For those companies we offer chat services provided by the trained chat operators of LiveChat Service.

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Incoming chats Company staff (You) External support staff (LCS)
Become a multi-tasking god

Hybrid chat: Expert model

Incoming chats are answered by the external support staff of LiveChat Service. When specialized knowledge is required, or visitors place very high orders, chats are forwarded to your company experts.

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Incoming chats External support staff (LCS) Company experts (You)
Overflow Expert
Golden nuggets of data

Make live chat part of your marketing (strategy)

Questions and remarks made by customers provide insights for the marketing department and lead to new business opportunities. Knowler offers innovative marketing functionalities with Chatbanners and Retargeting by textmining that make live chat an integral part of your marketing activities.

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