Software update – Knowler
26 November 2019

Software update

We are constantly improving the functionality of the software. It means we’re releasing new features that are convenient for both operators and visitors, but we’re also fixing, cleaning and removing unnecessary aspects and the software. Executing fixes and improving the software with new features requires diligent attention since all releases also have to be tested thoroughly. Apart from today’s release, other improvements and features are soon to be released. Our roadmap informs you about the releases that are already finished, the ones that are in progress and what else is yet to come.

Below a list of fixes, code refactors and an added feature are displayed. Some points are provided with further explanation, the others are self-explanatory.fix:

  1. Fix in the order function for routing algorithms.
    The routing algorithms refer to how chats are appointed to specific agents. Knowler allows you to match specific types of customers to specific types of chat operators.
    To give an example, customers that are looking to buy or pay less can be linked to your specialized sales employees. On the other hand, support questions can be linked to your customer service.
  2. Feat: added HSTS header “max-age=63072000; includeSubDomains”; to all api /sitemonitor/ calls.
    HSTS stands for HTTP Strict-Transport-Security response header, which is a security improvement.
  3. Fix: several fixes, such as messages order and tags on really slow connections from visitor side.
    This order of text balloons is fixed when visitors are experiencing connection issues.
  4. Refactor: Cleanup unused and no longer used code in our component.
  5. Fix: operator sounds were causing issues in some IE versions.
  6. Fix: visitor’s messages disappeared after reconnection.
  7. Fix: virtual chats module has been improved with several extra fixes.
    This is the module that is used to communicate our system with the KPN Genesys system.
  8. Refactor: removed loadsh/jquery libraries for these plugins: overview and details views, chat widget visitor and operator, cobrowsing, cobrowsing_info, GUA, Canned responses, custom button, invite, shortkey, chat forwarding, web tabs, visitor track, success codes, block visitor and chat operator menu.