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Take a peek under the hood

Screenshare V3

In order to improve the way you support your website visitors we developed the screenshare feature. Screenshare is a feature that allows you to look at the active screen of the visitor. In the case that the visitor is experiencing trouble paying, logging in, finding information or another problem, then extra assistance can be offered during a telephone or chat conversation with the screenshare feature. This feature improves conversion as it clarifies the problem the visitor is experiencing. When using screenshare the chat operator only has access to the active screen of the visitor, ensuring their privacy. Screenshare does not require installation, and the tool can be used within a few minutes.

How does it work?
We place a button on the website pages you want to offer screenshare, or in the chat window in case you always want to offer screenshare while chatting. When the visitor clicks on the button (“share screen”), a code is sent to the visitor. The visitor shares this code with the telephone or chat operator, giving them access to look at the active screen (the screen the visitor is looking at).