€ 49

Per seat per month

  • Knowler chat software
  • Hybrid chat


€ 79

Per seat per month

  • Knowler chat software
  • Retargeting by textmining
  • Chatbanners
  • Screenshare


  • Knowler chat software
  • Screenshare
  • Retargeting by textmining
    Security assistance





Prices (Monthly subscription)

€ 49 /month/seat

€ 79 /month/seat

On quotation

Prices (Yearly subscription)

€ 44,10 /month/seat

€ 71,10 /month/seat

On quotation

Main functionalities

Hybrid chat*

* Outsourcing overflow of chat / outside office hours: €2,50 p/chat Minimum 5 chats a day in 6 languages ENG, GER, FR, SP, NL and IT

Retargeting by textmining Beta

Use questions of website visitors to retarget them with personal relevant advertisements.

Screenshare Beta

Watch along with the active screen of the website visitor to provide better help and increase conversion.


Add a chat window to your banner advertisements to communicate with potential customers on the domain of the publisher.


Integration Whatsapp; Facebook Messenge Q1 2020Beta

Integrate your customer contact through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in one platform with Knowler.


Create and customize integrations with the Knowler API. Like chatbots and cvs reports.


Canned responses

Create canned responses to frequently asked questions to help visitors quick and unambiguously.

Offline message Q1 2020Beta

Receive messages from visitors when you’re not able to respond.

Customer chat satisfaction survey

Measure your website visitor’s chat satisfaction to track how your agents are doing.

Visitor details

Your agents have access to detailed information of visitors like, active and visited page url’s, number of visits, location and the website the visitor came from.

Multiple website support

You can install the software on as many website as you wish.

Succes codes

Add succes codes (e.g. lead, support, complaint) to your chats to gain more insight in what your website visitors are chatting about.

File sharing

You, and your website visitors can share files within the chat window. Convenient when you want to provide extra information or your website visitor wants to send you a resume and/or motivation letter.

Specialst routing

Manually redirect a chat conversation to another agent or specialist when the visitor requests additional information.


Status labels

Chat notifications contain a coloured label notifying you when incoming chats need urgent attention.


Automatically forward chat transcripts to the correct person or department by linking email addresses to success codes.


Automatically redirect chats to other agents, departments or external chat service teams after a specified number of seconds/minutes. Auto-forwarding allows you to make sure you’re not letting visitors wait too long for a reply.

Campaign scoping

Setting up campaigns allows you to use chat in different ways, enabling you to specify the chat to different parts of the website and targeting specific goals better.

Shortkey auto-trigger Q4 2019Beta

The shortkey auto-trigger is an automated connection between frequently asked questions and canned responses. It allows your agents to chat just by clicking on answers.

Sneak previewBeta

The sneak preview allows you to see what the visitor is writing before having sent the message.



See how your agents are performing, how many leads you’re generating and how much you are converting in the reports section.

BI tool integration

Integrate chat reports into your business intelligence software.

Chat transcripts

Review executed chats in the chat conversations section to see what visitors are asking and how your agents are replying.

Visitor path

Goal tracker

Set up goals and see how many of your website visitors that chat succeed in reaching personally specified goals (e.g. downloading a whitepaper).

Sales tracker

See how many visitors that started a chat purchase products and/or services, and into how much revenue the orders resulted.



Knowler is GDPR compliant.

Yearly Pentest (OWASP)

We expose our software to a yearly white box pentest.

Data center EU

Your data is hosted in the Netherlands in compliance with EU data protection requirements.

Protect personal information

Before using the screenshare feature, the visitor can appoint areas on the screen that he or she wishes to not show to the chat operator.

Custom data processor agreement

Request personal data processing requirements.


Automatic greeting message

Send automated greetings to website visitors set at a specific time.

Proactive chats

Proactive chats will notify your website visitors of the possibility to start a chat.

Smartphone adapted chat window

Mobile website visitors are able to chat within an adapted mobile chat window.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

The chat software is in compliance with the WCAG requirements. These are the international guidelines for accessibility of web content.


IP white listing

You can restrict visitors by IP from using your software.

Private cloud deployment

Your data is accessed through private and secure network links, ensuring you of a secure environment. A popular feature among organizations with compliance concerns.

Custom security agreement

Request personal security requirements.

Security assistance

Our security specialists will be there for you to advise you on best practices related to securing our software in your digital environment.

Audit log

File that lists all notable changes made in the application settings.


Language selection

The Knowler software and support is available in five languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Customizable CSS

The software allows you to customize your chat window to your personal liking using CSS codes.

Chat window

Our software allows you to customize your chat window in colour, size, logo, avatar, etc.


Agent's role definition

You can assign administrative privileges to certain users only. Additionally, only the license owner can change the billing settings.

Team organization

Divide your agents into teams responsible for particular department of your business.

Product support

Knowledge base

A collection of articles, whitepapers and reports will show you how to use live chat, Knowler and its best practices.

Automatic updates

Every update Knowler executes is automatically implemented in the software. You will not notice delayes or failures. Via mail and on our updates page we will notify and explain new features.

Key account manager

You will be assigned to a dedicated account manager that is responsible for the success of your Knowler live chat. Your key account manager will help you set up as well as keep optimizing your live chat for the best results.

Software engineering support

Our software engineers will consult and advise in terms of implementation scenario and integrating live chat with your existing software environment.

Still not sure?

Frequently asked questions is state-of-the-art chat software that connects you with your website visitors in a natural way. The software is easily installed on your website and is an ideal opportunity to increase conversion, generate leads and improve your customer experience. Moreover, the Knowler chat software offers various innovations that will elevate the quality of your chats, marketing activities and business insights to a higher level. We’re continuously developing the software in regard to new functionalities, user convenience, marketing and data insights. Updates are conducted automatically.

A seat is log in account for the chat software. The number of seats determines the number of chat operators that can log in at the same time. More seats means more chat operators are able to chat at the same time.

By helping website visitors via chat you are helping them on the channel that they are using. Visitors can look around on the website and chat at the same time. Moreover, chat is anonymous and visitors’ questions are answered right away, eliminating their threshold to contact you. Moreover, implementing chat will reduce the number of incoming calls and emails. It also increases the efficiency of your customer contact since chat operators can handle up to six chats simultaneously, a telephone operator just one.

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal and preauthorized debit payments. The subscriptions renew automatically at the end of each billing cycle. All listed prices are in euro.

Yes. Choosing for an annual bill instead of monthly will give you a 10% discount.

At the end of the free trial your data and insights will remain intact. You can log in and choose a model of your liking.

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