Knowler Redesign – Knowler
03 June 2019

Knowler Redesign

The operator interface of the Knowler chat software has a new look. The software works exactly the same as before, it’s purely a matter of design. We are constantly looking to improve the software in functionality and safety, but we also think it’s important that the software looks good and clear. You don’t have to worry about alterations in the way the software works. The redesign concerns the operator interface, and within a short period of time the management interface will follow.

The main reason for the redesign was to give the software a better appearance, simultaneously creating more unity and clarity. The operator interface consists of two modi: the overview modus and the detailed modus. In the overview modus the chats are displayed next to each other, just like before the update. In the detailed modus one specific chat is displayed, showing the other open chats on the left side of the screen. In the detailed modus on the right side of the screen you see the canned responses that are linked to frequently asked questions. By using shortkeys in the chat you connect to the canned responses. Whenever the website visitor of a leasing company is asking a question about addition, the chat operator can for example type in #addition directly displaying possible answers about addition.