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Chat Performance

To make sure website visitors’ questions are always answered within 30 seconds, the auto-forward feature redirects chat conversations when chat operators don’t respond in time. Chats can either be redirected to another internal department, or to the external chat operators team of LiveChat Service. Chatting with both own employees and the external chat service is called a hybrid chat. An important reason for many companies to use a hybrid chat is because they’re able to support website visitors outside office hours. The chat operators of LiveChat Service are available 24/7.
Goal tracking allows you to measure conversions and goals. Each company/website has different goals, which is why the software allows you to define personal goals based on your criteria.
Companies often have different reasons to start with chat. Providing contact through chat can be a way to decrease the number of shopping cart drop-outs, but it can also be a way to provide a better customer experience. To categorise different goals and targets with chat, Knowler allows you to start different campaigns. This categorisation can be very important when you want specialized chat operators to chat with specific customers. For example, it is important to get in contact with customers that wish to downgrade their subscription. You most likely want your best chat operators to be talking with these customers. On the other hand, support questions are supposed to be handled by your customer service. With campaign scoping these different types of website visitors can be greeted in the appropriate manner and helped by the right chat operators.
To make sure that you can always connect with any potential customer, it’s important to be where they are. Customers wish to communicate using a variety of contact channels, like: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, live chat or email. Knowler has integrated these four contact channels making it easy for the chat operators to communicate with potential customers via the different contact channels on one platform.
In order to help website visitors as good as possible we developed the Screenshare feature. Screenshare allows your chat operator to look at the screen of the website visitor. Neither you, nor the website visitor has to install any software or plug-in. Whenever a website visitor is experiencing problems with payments, logging in, finding information, or something else, extra assistance can be offered through Screenshare. The feature is not limited to live chat, but can also be used by telephone operators.

Chat efficiency

The shortkey auto trigger is an automated connection between visitors’ questions and canned responses. When for example a visitor on a leasing website asks a question about VAT, the shortkey auto-trigger will detect the question and automatically display answers in the canned responses list about VAT. It gives the chat operator the possibility to chat by only clicking on canned responses, enabling chat operators to chat more quickly without making mistakes.
After finishing a chat conversation you enter the mail follow-up. Here the chat transcript can be directly forwarded to the correct department/person. Result codes assigned by the chat operator, can be connected to specific email addresses. E.g. a chat with result code ‘lead’ can be directed towards the email address of the sales department. Chat operators do not have to copy paste texts. All the chat operator has to do is click “OK” and the chat is redirected towards the correct email address. In case the chat operator has to make an important notification of the chat, this can be added manually. A convenient way to for example say that the chat demands a quick reply.


Chatbanners is an innovative feature that allows potential customers to chat with you in a banner advertisement. This means that your banner that is published on other websites (e.g., contains a chat window, providing you with the possibility to talk with potential customers outside of your own domain. Chatbanners creates a way to convert without getting customers to enter your website.
Retargeting by text mining is an innovation that uses information from a chat conversation for retargeting. Retargeting is a form of advertising that uses content website visitors have looked at, or searched before. Our innovation makes it possible to retarget based on the information they requested in a chat conversation. This way of retargeting is very reliable because it is based on information people have first-hand asked for. People will most likely not ask for information they don’t want. It’s also more precise than retargeting based on clicks, because people click on a large amount of links, often without having a real interest in the product or service that is being clicked on.


We offer our software and service in five different languages, because we believe that a German company prefers to use software in German. Also, in case our clients have questions about the software they can ask us questions in all five languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch). We provide Knowler as a tailored Software-as-a-Service solution in your own language.
To help new live chat users and support existing clients we built a help center that guides our starting and existing clients in using Knowler. The help center explains all the features of the software textually and visually. The help center explains the functionality of features, where to find them, how to use them and advises in what way to use them. In case of further questions, the help center allows you to raise a ticket, or chat with us from 07:00-23:00 during the week and from 09:00-23:00 during weekends.

Safety & Security

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enacted on May 25, 2018 by the European Union to unify and strengthen data protection for all EU citizens. GDPR is the toughest privacy and security law in the world, imposing obligations onto organizations that target or collect data related to people in the EU. Our data collection and processing is completely GDPR-compliant.
All data collected by Knowler is stored in servers based in the Netherlands. It means that your data is protected by the Data Protection Directive and the e-Privacy Directive, giving you certainty that your data is protected with maximum safety.
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