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Retargeting by textmining

Retargeting by text mining is an innovation that uses information from a chat conversation to retarget customers. Retargeting is a form of advertising that uses content website visitors have looked at, or searched before. Our innovation makes it possible to retarget based on the information they requested in a chat conversation. This way of retargeting is very reliable because it is based on information people have first-hand asked for. People will most likely not ask for information they don’t want. It’s also more precise than retargeting based on clicks, because people click on a large amount of links, often without having a real interest in the product or service that is being clicked on.

A website visitor of a leasing company can ask for information in the chat about a Mercedes Vito with 40.000 km. Those chat keywords are extracted to form the following label: “Mercedes Vito 40.000km”. This label is linked to a specific advertisement, allowing consumers to see personalised advertisements with more relevance.

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