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Take a peek under the hood

Email Follow-up

At the end of a chat conversation, the chat operator enters the mail follow-up in which the chat transcript can be forwarded to the email address of the right department/person. Success codes added to the chat by the chat operator are linked to specific email addresses. A chat with success code ‘lead’ will for example be forwarded to the email address of the sales department. Chat operators do not have to copy paste texts, they just have to click “OK” and the chat is forwarded to the right email address. In case chat operators have to add an important note to the chat, this can be done manually. This could be convenient for mentioning important information that is not in the chat transcript or when the chat requires urgent attention.

How do I set up the follow-up?

Go to the follow-ups page:
Management -> Chat Campaigns -> Icon settings (top right) -> follow-ups -> more options

At the bottom of the page, email addresses can be added per success code, such as: general, sale, support and other. It’s also possible to add multiple email addresses per success code by adding a semicolon and space in between two email addresses. In case the chat operator doesn’t add a result code to a chat and closes the conversation, the script will be forwarded to the email address filled in at ‘standard’, or it is not forwarded.


Adding a success code
Success codes can be added by going to ‘goals’ in the column on the right. Then by clicking ‘more settings’ you can enter success codes, choose to allow multiple success codes per chat and enforce chat operators to choose a code before closing the window. Adding a success code can be very convenient when chat transcripts have to be transferred to a specialist. Create a success code ‘specialist’ and link it to his or her email address to automate this process.



How does it work for the chat operator?

The chat window for the chat operator displays ‘select success code(s)’. By selecting specific success codes and closing the chat window, email addresses will be automatically added to the follow up window. If necessary, the chat operator can manually add extra email addresses and extra clarifications which can be added to the text in the email body.

Increased efficiency
The email follow-up saves your chat operators a lot of time because chats don’t have to be forwarded manually. Moreover, it reduces errors as chats will be automatically forwarded to the correct person or department.Email follow up Knowler