Auto-forward & Hybrid chat – Knowler
15 June 2019

Auto-forward & Hybrid chat

Today we launch two new important features that will make life for your chat operators easier and increase chat performance.
Auto-forward: is the feature that is used to forward chats after a certain period of time. Chats can be forwarded to any other account, like: other chat operators, another internal department or the external chat service team of LiveChat Service. The auto-forward feature can be installed at any preferred time stamp.

Hybrid chat
In case your chat operators are having difficulty replying within 30 seconds and/or you wish to chat outside working hours too, hybrid chat can be a valuable solution. It allows you to forward chats to the external chat service of LiveChat Service. They work with experienced chat operators that handle the chat from 07:00-23:00 during the week and 09:00-23:00 on the weekends. Hybrid chat allows you to always react to visitors’ questions within 30 seconds. Also, website visitors are able to ask questions outside of work hours and during the weekend.