Advantages – Knowler

Help your website
visitors real-time


Offer help at the right time

Website visitors have questions. Approach your potential clients through chat and help them further!


Stores without assistants don’t exist, why do they exist online?

With live chat you provide customer experiences like in a brick-and-mortar store creating returning customers.


Live chat creates the most satisfied customers

Website visitors prefer to be helped right away. Live chat offers direct contact, creating satisfied customers.

"By using live chat we have improved customer experiences and satisfaction. The live chat data additionally provides us with useful insights for our website optimization."
Ingrid van Ruiswijk - Manager Customer Serivce Ecommerce
- Under Armour

Increase your
website conversion


Websites with live chat convert up to 60% more

Help potential customers during their website visit by answering questions and create less drop-outs.


Less abandoned shopping carts

60% of website visitors do not finalize their order if questions are not answered immediately.


Increase order value

Customers that chat spend more than customers that don’t chat.

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Efficient customer


Work with efficient chat operators

Trained chat operators can handle 6 conversations simultaneously.


Save money with live chat

With less people you handle more customer contact. Not only increasing revenue, but also reducing costs.


Live chat is easily accessible

Customers experience live chat as more accessible than telephone and mail, increasing customer contact and revenue.


Reduce incoming calls and emails

First and second line questions are easily answered by live chat operators.